Taught by the Staff of the Project Management Laboratory.

Undergraduate Courses in Civil Engineering

  1. Information Systems Management
  2. Construction Equipment and Management
  3. Operations Research for Civil Engineers
  4. Management of Projects and of Engineering Enterprises
  5. Engineering Economics
  6. Environmental Management I
  7. Water Resources Management
  8. Solid Waste Management
  9. Environmental Management II
  10. Geodesy I
  11. Geodesy II

Graduate Courses in Intra-University Program 'Systems Engineering and Management'

  1. Engineering Economics
  2. Systems Engineering Principles
  3. Project Management for Sustainable Development
  4. Solid Waste Management
  5. Optimization Methods for Water Resources Management
  6. Decision Making and Risk Analysis
  7. Data Management for Environmental Systems
  8. Systems Modeling and Analysis
  9. Databases Design