Project Management


The Laboratory of Project Management established on 1975. It's purpose is to advance the knowledge in the area of project management, considering different aspects like the sustainability, safety and optimisation of projects and organisations.

Members of the laboratory teach a number of courses mainly in the Civil Engineering Department of DUTH, as well as in Post-Graduate Programs.

The Laboratory conduct research in domains, such as project management, solid waste and environmental management, sustainability and life cycle analysis, as well as systems safety engineering and operations research .

Research Projects and Collaborations

The Laboratory has participated in numerous national and international research projects and it's actively seeking opportunities for collaboration with partners from universities, research institutes and the industry in the domains of:

  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Carbon and Water Foodprint Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Risk and Hazard Analysis
  • Early Warnings and Leading Safety Indicators
  • Safety and Security of Critical Infrastructures